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There are so many great and wonderful but when the fans crave more well then we want more... the only problem is that there is either no next season announced or there is one but its going to be a while...

so i thought id make this card to see who else is stuck in this phase and what animes are you stuck with??

Tokyo ghoul season 3??? we've been waiting for one for over a year now i mean come on lets get that 3rd season already!!

(if your not caught up on tg season 3 info i have some cards on it..)

Noragami season 3?? it has to have a season 3 i really hope it does but there has been close to no news about a season 3 yet, its been quite a few months at that also...

Kamisama Kiss season 3? this is an extremely good anime that we've been waiting for over a year to have a season 3! im ready for a season 3!

(highly recommend this anime)

Yona of the dawn season 3?? (some people consider the first season to be 2 separate seasons so i just decided to put this down) we've been waiting for the long anticipated season 3 for 2 years (almost)and hopefully should get it in the next few months...

and for other long anticipated season 3 and 2 anime here is a few extra...

attack on titan season 2

diabolik lovers season 3

owari no seraph season 3

what are some seasons that you are waiting on !!! feel free to make a card ant tag me or drop a comment! i would love to know!!!!

seven deadly sins season 2, tokyo ghoul season 3, one punch man season 2 are what I want the most
omg so many... SAO III kamisama kiss seaosn 3 noragami season 3 Dawn of Yona season 2 7 deadly sins season 2 my little monster season 2 Nana season 2 Magi season 3 vampire knight season 3 99.999% chance that it won't happen: OHSHC season 2 Fruits Basket season 2 red data girl season 2 and more I can't remember...
lol I'm supposed to choose!? but seriously, no game no life
noragami season 3 馃槈
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