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This was a hard one because they were all soo good!
1. WINNER - Sober in Malaysia
The energy in Malaysia was insane. They're chanting Daesung's name, Taeyang just gave his all, and even T.O.P was exciting to watch. You got the feeling that they were having fun and that they weren't tired.
2. Seungri - Let's Talk about Love
This is in Seoul at the start of the tour. I love that G-Dragon and Taeyang performed with him and they all sounded amazing. This video includes both Strong Baby and Let's Talk about Love follows.
3. T.O.P - Doom Dada
I don't like T.O.P. There I said it. He kinda just stands there and when I get a live performance of them on DVD, I know I can (kinda) fast forward - Sorry T.O.P lovers.
But his performance in his Rubik's cube suit was really good. The specific performance I'm talking about was in Tokyo on November 14. If you can somehow find it and watch it, it's unlike any performance I've seen. There's a different energy in Japan and I find that they perform better there than anywhere. They have more fun in Korea, but Japan is just... different. He has never rapped faster and his little smirk at the end is priceless.
I only included the video because every performance is a fan cam and I don't like those.
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