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Idiot Prince😆:Gintama😁
LOL These guys have a long standing the most hilarious way ever. xD Poor Guy is always being called an idiot. (I agree, ahem..) I love his theme music though. Every time he comes around you got that crazy rap yodeling in the background. Bwuahaha, so awesome.
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@Danse Omg i know 😂 I low-key sing it when he comes lol and the video gets funnier when you read the Odd Jobs and the then the Princes lines separately 😂
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@AimeBolanos I love the recap episode. #75. Where The Prince (Along with Gintoki, Shinpachi & Kagura) dubs voices of other characters. xD And he stars in the opening as well. SO flippin hilarious how much they totally go nuts on that episode. It's a mess of crazy. I think my sides hurt pretty bad after that one.
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@Danse Omg yas! Haha i remember that episode lol in the begining when Shinpachi falls at the restaurant and Kagura and Gintoki kept telling him that he's clumsy 😂😂 That episode was awesome withing the first 15 seconds lol
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I like those brief moments we get a glimpse of Sorachi too. His little musings are great.
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