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Idiot Prince馃槅:Gintama馃榿
LOL These guys have a long standing the most hilarious way ever. xD Poor Guy is always being called an idiot. (I agree, ahem..) I love his theme music though. Every time he comes around you got that crazy rap yodeling in the background. Bwuahaha, so awesome.
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@Danse Omg i know 馃槀 I low-key sing it when he comes lol and the video gets funnier when you read the Odd Jobs and the then the Princes lines separately 馃槀
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@AimeBolanos I love the recap episode. #75. Where The Prince (Along with Gintoki, Shinpachi & Kagura) dubs voices of other characters. xD And he stars in the opening as well. SO flippin hilarious how much they totally go nuts on that episode. It's a mess of crazy. I think my sides hurt pretty bad after that one.
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@Danse Omg yas! Haha i remember that episode lol in the begining when Shinpachi falls at the restaurant and Kagura and Gintoki kept telling him that he's clumsy 馃槀馃槀 That episode was awesome withing the first 15 seconds lol
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I like those brief moments we get a glimpse of Sorachi too. His little musings are great.
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