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Thank you all for the sweet words and the greatest messages and the beautiful prayers. I never felt so much love. I also want to thank big to my beautiful sister @Jiyongixoxo She has stand beside since day 1. She has never let a moment of making me smile and die of laughter. For the past five days, I've been feeling really off. Last night i coughed blood. So the doctors had me go through a six hour tests. But they found something, which stopped my world. Today i was diagnose with Myeloma. Which is blood cancer. (Almost similar to leukemia) I do feel devasted, i do feel broken. But as my lil sis told me. I aint breakable. To be strong, is alot of work. Its very hard to be strong in this situation. I will need alot of strength from each of you. This will be a everyday battle. There will be times i will be tired but i promise to fight this battle. I will go forward. I will walk ahead. I wont break and i wont fall apart. (no worries, my stories and my cards will be made. i wont forget you all as how you all never forgotten about me)


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Don't worry, there are people in this vingle who will support you through everything and will stand by your side. if you need anything or need to talk about anything, I am here and so is all of vingle!! Fighting !!
FIGHTING! You can do this! There has to be something out there that can fix this! 1+1 Gwiyomi 😘
You can get through this!! You are in my prayers! You are a strong girl, I believe you can beat this. God is on your side. Be strong! I'm supporting you hun. I just prayed for you and I will keep praying for you. I'm over here in tears 😢😭 but We all are here for you, we care about you and love you. Keep the faith 💜
I am sending prayers your way love. You hang in there, and we your Vingle family will be here for you.
wow hang in there. im just hearing about this so im sending love and prayers your way