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You made it to episode 10 before you noticed the little twitches in his cheeks. He was turning his head and swallowing his yawns. As the credit start you reach for the remote and click the TV off. He turns to you, “That’s it? But what happens with scholar guy? Does he win her? I can’t be hanging.” “I’ve created a monster,” you mumble to yourself and shake your head. You pretend to stretch which gives you a pretty convincing yawn. “Ah, sorry, you tired. We continue tomorrow,” he says as he stands up from the couch. He reaches down to offer his hand to assist you. You accept his help, ending up directly in front of him, with only two breathable inches between you. Awkward, you think and look anywhere but at him. “Thank you,” you say and nod your head in a bow, “good night.” You’re a chicken, you don’t deny it. The man played board games with you yesterday and tonight watched a romantic kdrama. Adorableness mixed with a hot body is so dangerous, having said hot body two inches away from you is murder. The rest of the week follows to the same schedule; a couple hours after you arrive back from work, Junsu comes home for the evening. A few times he has brought dinner with him, on those days he texts you. The first time you received a text from him you just stared at your phone. Apparently when he went through your phone he added his number to your directory. Not only did he add his name and number, he went through your pictures and selected one for his contact. The two of you made it through the whole first kdrama and had started on another. He was becoming more comfortable, evident in the fact that he would yell at the kdrama in Korean. The fact that he was involved and interacting with the shows makes you giggle. Friday morning you received a text stating that he had dress rehearsals that night and why didn’t you have Do-yun or Seon-Ki bring you over after work. You are welcome to come watch the performance as his guest. Wow, cool. You show your new driver, Seon-Ki the text and he just nods. You haven’t quite built a rapport with him yet, not like Do-yun and Joon-woo. Maybe he needs cookies? When you arrive at work, the receptionist has a long flower box sitting at her desk. As you wave good morning she beckons you over. “This arrived first thing this morning,” she smiles. “Is there a boyfriend? He sure is attentive.” You stand frozen looking at the box; Seon-Ki, walks over from his position by the door. His job is to drive you to work, assure that you get on the elevator safely, and return at the end of the work day. He places a hand on the small of your back and asks quietly in your ear what the problem is. “Oh, are you the attentive boyfriend that keeps sending her flowers?” the wide eyed receptionist asks. “But of course,” he replies and steps up to the counter without hesitation. He picks up the flower box, “they delivered earlier than I expected, I suppose they aren’t a surprise anymore.” You haven’t moved, he takes your hand, tells the receptionist thank you and takes you back out to the car. He puts you in the front seat and pops open the trunk. He is out of sight for a few minutes while he is at the trunk, then you can see him pacing while on his phone. He comes back to your door, opens it and squats down to your level. “Are you good to go back in to work or do you want me to take you back to the penthouse?” “What were the flowers?” “You don’t need to worry about that, I took care of them.” “What did the card say?” “You don’t need to worry about that either.” You turn to get out of the car, and he stands back as you get out. “Since I have nothing to worry about, I’ll just go in to work. I’ll see you at the end of the day.” You walk past him and back into the building. At lunchtime your text notification goes off. Junsu: Are you alright? You: I’m fine, why? Junsu: Lies. Do-yun called me about the flowers. You: I’m sorry, he shouldn’t have disturbed you at work. Junsu: I want to know. They know that. You: Well, I was told I have nothing to worry about, so I am fine. Junsu: How about you come to theater early? You: No, thank you. Working helps me to not focus on it. Junsu: Have you eaten? You smile at his last question. Everyone in Korea always wants to feed you, it is a sign of affection. Sometimes you wonder how affectionate they would still be if you ate every time they offered and gained fifty pounds. You: I’m fine. Thank you. I will be there tonight, see you than. Junsu: Till later. Thirty minutes later one of the front desk secretary’s walks into your borrowed office and puts down a medium size box. Your heart beats in trepidation, more flowers or something worse? You look up at her hoping for a clue. “This just arrived from Bird Riders,” seeing your confusion she continues, “the food delivery guys.” Food? You peek over at the label on the box, Linus’ Bama Style BBQ. BBQ? Like American BBQ? You unseal the box and the smell nearly knocks you unconscious. Oh you’ve missed this type of food since you’ve been here. A typed note is attached to the top of the containers: “You eat. Energy is gift, to use as you wish. I look forward to see you. XJ” You smile as you flip back to your phone, glancing again at the picture he picked from your collection. You: Food arrived. Not necessary but appreciated. Thank you. Junsu: Eat. And that’s all the response you get. You shake your head as you open the different containers, there is enough food for three people! You can never eat this much, maybe you’ll share the leftovers as a kdrama snack tonight. Thoughts of flowers are gone; anticipation of seeing him perform replaces the anxiety of a stalker unknown. Without really trying, he accomplished his goal and has taken care of you.
Contact Picture in your phone.
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love it, I wish any one other than my mother ask me if I ate, geez what's going on in this generation of men.