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Hey Guys! I'm restarting my Fabulous Five Weekly hair report again. What can I say I can't help but get excited when I find new hair trends that are worth sharing! So, let's see what's trending on the web this week!

1. Hottest hue of the season.

When it comes to hair coloring Guy Tang is the one to look out for. He's been know of his super gorgeous and delicate hair combos. I handpicked a few of my favorites from his most recent production. As you can see pastel metallics and muted fashion colour are trending right now! My favorite is the duo purple tone combo.

2. Triple braid combo

Braid is "queen" in the hairstyling world. Why? Because you could never run out of braid ideas. If you're bored with your pigtails you should give this three braid combo a shot! It's a combination of waterfall braid, flower, and fishtail braid! I'm up for the challenge.

3. Undercut upgrade

After watching Orange is the New Black, I couldn't stop mesmerizing on Ruby Rose's androgynous undercut. This one is a softer version cut and styled by Doug Theo. What do you think? I really like how the highlight blended in so well, especially from the root.

4. "No Hairstyle" Hairstyle

Okay, so there's the "no-makeup" makeup trend and now there's a "no hairstyle" hairstyle trend. The runway is taking effortless hairstyling to a whole new level and it's actually really practical. Embrace your texture and fly-aways! Natural is love!

5. Beauty Blender Hair Hack!

Yes, the beauty blender you use to apply foundation and strobing is now a tool for highlighting your hair. So, how does this work? According to refinery29, this was made popular by hairstylist Jamie Stevens. He apparently cut the beauty blender in half and manipulate the sponge texture to sponge multiple colors on the hair. Above is one sampling of his "strobing" masterpiece. What can't you do with a beauty blender?
@JamiMilsap Thank you for the support! I try to bring in new hair ideas whenever I can :) @marshalledgar You're so lucky!!! Have you ever been to his salon?
Love these! It's funny that you mentioned Guy Tang because he runs his salon space just over the hill from me.
These are great! I'm new to your Fabulous Five - but I am so glad I've found it!!