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LUCY HEARTFILIA. This week's topic is straight out of my personal favorite anime FAIRY TAIL!!!!!!! brought to us by @hikaymm . Lucy is ONE of the many beautiful waifus in Fairy Tail. She is a celestial spirit wizard with the power to summon the zodiac spirits, among others that she also has.
One of the great things about Lucy is how much she cares for her guild and comrades. She suffers great heart ache whenever she sees her nakama in any pain or truoble.
Although she suffers intensely from time to time she is always capable of giving us that "everything is ok smile".
To me one of her biggest rivals in the beauty category would have to be Mira. Even though i would choose Lucy over Mira if given the chance.
Even after getting teased constantly about her "being heavy" by Happy she isn't ashamed to chow down.
I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but Lucy has this, aura if you will, that just calms the soul when I see her. Anyone who has seen the anime might understand what I mean.
So I just wanted to share what, I feel, Lucy brings to the table. And why she would make a great Waifu!!!