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We've heard it in K-dramas and have even seen Korean stars say these things to each other.

Here is an interesting look at how two women (and countless others) deal with the strict criticisms of their parents.

‘Have You Eaten?’ is portraying the relationship between female Asian-American millennials and their first-generation immigrant moms.

This is a project by Esther Fan and Olivia Park with the help of Shuyao Bian and JI Hee Han. They’re the "SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB."
They recently created a short video project focused on the relationship between Asian-American girls and their conservative parents. They want their short video to reach as many female Asian millennials as possible!

Has anyone dealt with something like this before?

(You can check out Esther and Olivia's blog here)
Damm my parents aren't like this at all. I mean right now to them school is everything so they will raise hell if I say I don't wanna go to school which doesn't happen unless I'm sick (so yes I go to school sick which is... counterintuitive) but it's probably because I'm not old enough yet for them to be wanting to be more in control of my life because I don really have one yet 😂 I'm still a high schooler
When I was in college some of my native-Korean friends were quick to point out if I had acne or anything (and yes, weight gain lol) I think it is sort of a way of showing that you care about that person? Like "oh your skin looks bad today, are you not taking care of yourself? eat better! rest up!" It just comes off as really harsh to people not used to it. As for the other things the moms are saying, that must be so hard to hear!
My parents are always telling me and my sisters, don't eat so much, are you hungry? eat a little bit, you've gained weight, you've lost weight lol...but I have gained quite a few pounds this past winter and I'm upset with myself, but trying to work hard to lose it
Damn I have both of that XD since I'm European/Japanese/Korean and have married in Chinese relatives
@tayunnie same I feel you ✊😁
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