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Asian-American Women and Living Up to Old Standards

We've heard it in K-dramas and have even seen Korean stars say these things to each other.

Here is an interesting look at how two women (and countless others) deal with the strict criticisms of their parents.

‘Have You Eaten?’ is portraying the relationship between female Asian-American millennials and their first-generation immigrant moms.

This is a project by Esther Fan and Olivia Park with the help of Shuyao Bian and JI Hee Han. They’re the "SAD ASIAN GIRLS CLUB."
They recently created a short video project focused on the relationship between Asian-American girls and their conservative parents. They want their short video to reach as many female Asian millennials as possible!

Has anyone dealt with something like this before?

(You can check out Esther and Olivia's blog here)
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This is sad... What is even sadder is that it's not just seen in the Asian culture and with just female... I actually have an aunt that is like this with her son.
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sadly that's normal in asian culture though, my family does that to me... my aunt tells me a thai man will never find me attractive if I keep gaining weight eating like an American and if I date around... tbh I'm use to it from my asian family so I've just gotten used to ignoring their rude comments since now we're in America I can look and be who ever I want
2 years ago·Reply
Lol I know the first girl, Olivia. We used to be in jrotc together. I just talked to her about this video, it's always amazing to see your peers do amazing things
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I'm Cuban American, born in the U.S. raised by Cubans. my family asks me if I gained weight and that I won't get a boyfriend with my stubborn personality and if I don't get skinny. I told my mom about how these comments made me feel, like suicide, I told her if they keep making these types of comments j m not going to visit them ever again. since then they have treated me well and don't ask those things. I made them understand that what they say can hurt someone's self esteem and you shouldn't criticize instead give solutions or whatever
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this is bad... I'm Asian but we never fight over the food...
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