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*Requested by the lovely @jazbasquez22*
Enjoy the cute/sexy Tae ;)


You giggle when Taehyung’s fingers brushes along your hipbone. You pull away and look at him in embarrassment, “Sorry.”
“Are you ticklish or something?” Taehyung asks, “You've done that every time I’ve touched your hip.”
You blush hoping he would take that as the answer.
“Let’s move to a different part of the choreography then.” You watch him get into position and quickly find your spot. You two start dancing and it goes well until you have to spin into him and do a body wave against his body. “Y/N....” he groans when you freeze up against him.
“Sorry sorry,” you apologize over and over with a bow.
“It’s because of me?” he asks.
“I’m just nervous,” you tell him quickly when you see the hurt expression on his face. “I’ve never done this before and...”
“Don’t be nervous,” he cups your face in his hands, “you are beautiful.” He moves his hands down you arms and when he reaches your hands he takes them and pulls them up behind his neck. “How about we slow dance for now?”
“Sure,” you smile as his arms wrap around you. You two sway together helping you relax; you lay your head on his shoulder.
“Let’s try dancing the routine again,” he moves to his position where he is behind and slightly to the side of you. When his hand caresses down your side he begins talking you through, “This is easy and so is this,” he brushes your hip. He grabs it as his other hand does the same to the other side and pulls you back against him. “See you’re a natural...” he whispers in your ear.
You move you but in the circle motion as you both transition into the next step. Now you are facing him and push away off his chest turning once again away from him. You dance your solo steps before Taehyung brings you in twirling you into his arms. You body roll against him before he dips you backwards and low.
“Don't worry I got you like I always will.” He pulls you back up and grinds his hips against yours; you feel your panties getting soaked even though this was all part of the dance.
“We should stop,” you gulp, “you should get another partner too.” You start to move away but he pulls you close again.
“Why? When you fit so perfect against me, when you are so perfect for me,” he kisses your shoulder and works his way to your neck. “No one but you will do,” he kisses the spot when your pulse could be felt. “You feel the same.”
You rub your core against him. “That feels good,” you admit.
“I can make you feel better,” he straightens back up, “only if you get this dance right.”
You stare at him wondering how much effort it would take to rip his shirt apart. “Ok fine.” you get back into position.
You stops thinking about the way he felt against you but focus on how he feel inside you. You were so lost in your thoughts and the dance you didn’t even know when he took off his shirt until his solid chest was under your touch as you skimmed your hands down his body. Taehyung’s hand pulls at your button and zipper before he turned you around and pushed you so you were leaning over a table.
“The dance isn’t done,” you protest half heartedly as he pulls your pants and underwear down. You step out of them even quicker than you could process that you needed to.
“I didn’t say we were done dancing,” he tells you as he stands back up. “Just changing the steps,” his fingers run along your wet folds.
Taehyung pulls you against him as his hand roams down your hip to the between your thighs to slowly work their way back up your chest pulling your shirt as he went. He pulls off the shirt before turning you around and pressing himself against you. You unhook your bra and let it slide off watching his face as his eyes explored you. His mouth soon took over the exploration kissing and nipping lightly at your breast. He grabs your butt and lifts you so placing you on the table. He grinds his clothed erection against you and the sensation of the jean fabric against your core and his mouth on your breast makes you moan.
“It isn’t fair that I am the only on naked,” you tell him as you push as his hips so you can undo his jeans.
“Very true,” he pushes his jeans and boxers down. He lifts you up again and you wrap your legs around him. Taehyung carries you over to the couch and lies you down.
“Much better,” he kisses you and kisses his way down your body. When he reaches your hips he kisses down your thigh moving to your inner thigh kissing his way back up. Reaching your core me moves to the other thighs, his warm breath the only thing caressing you when you needed him most. He does the same thing and moves back to the other thigh.
"Stop teasing damn it,” you growl.
Taehyung nips at your inner thigh, “Language.” He licks and kisses the spot soothingly before giving in to your pleas and moving his mouth to close around your bud. You arch up against his threading your fingers into his hair. His tongue dances along your clit, your folds and swirls around your opening before moving up again. He repeats the action and you whimper for more you need more.
“Wait,” you tell him as you feel his fingers at your entrance. “I want to please you too.”
“Baby,” he smiles, “you are pleasing me,” he pushes his fingers inside, “very much.” He moves so he his face is near yours again. “But the other type of pleasing we can do next time...” he kisses you his fingers pumping in you at a madding pace.
You nip along his collarbone mindful not to leave noticeable marks. You come on his fingers the sweet words he kept whispering in your ear pushing you over the edge. He withdraws his fingers and slides himself in; he moans when your walls twitch around him, still spazzing from your orgasm.
“You feel so good,” you tell him as you grab onto his sides pulling him closer.
“So do you,” he smirks as he slowly pulls out and pushes in again but this time with his cock. His thrusts are long and hard but slowly helping you come down from your first orgasm and build you up into the second. As you moan and try to keep your consciousness you pull on him trying to get him deeper inside as he thrusts faster.
You chant his name over and over, clenching and unclenching your hands on his sides. Taehyung pulls out and puts your legs over his shoulder before pushing in again, hitting deeper. You grip the couch cushion under you as he fold you over and pounds into you.
You hold back your moans loving the way he moaned your name, loving the sweet words spilling from his mouth. He takes one of your hands in his intertwining his fingers with yours. You slide your legs down his side and wrap the around his waist pulling him closer.
“Kiss me,” you wrap your free hand around the back of his neck.
He smiles and leans down and you lean up meeting him halfway and kissing him wholeheartedly. You moan into him mouth as your second orgasm hits. Falling back against the couch you give into your feeling letting you body move as it pleases pulling his orgasm out. Taehyung collapses on you and you both catch your breath, little embarrassed chuckles escaping you both. You wiggle underneath him and gasp when he hardens inside you.
“Oops,” you chuckle. Taehyung sits up and pulls you with him shifting your positions so he was sitting on the couch and you on his lap. “Let me please you now. It’s the second time.”
“Techincally,” he thrusts up into you earning a moan, “I never pulled out so it’s still the first time,” he thrust again.
“Who am I to argue with logic?” you laugh as you raise your hips up and slide back down.
I need help lol.
im gonna need this to be a series for all the members
Of all the things good and forget it.....hott damn...... Can Jin be next?? Please??
@PrincessUnicorn please do one with JHOPE! ❤️❤️❤️
Ummmm Lawd Jesus.. I can't picture my sweet boys doing such things 🙈🙉🙊
Omg is it hot in here or is it just me lol
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