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I want to thank everyone here on Vingle for being such a great place to talk and meet people with the same interest. When I joined Vingle I didnt know what to expect. When I found out how nice people are and how good of a support system they are it made me feel happy and complete. I suffer from depression so I try to find things to keep me busy and Vingle sure does keep me busy. I want to thank @vixenvivi for allowing me to make games and stories for SHINee. If it weren't for vingle I would be miserable and alone and still trying to find a way to occupy my mind. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart! I will continue doing my best in making cards stories and games! Kam saham nida! Vingle Kpop and KDrama literally saved my life and cant be anymore grateful then I am!
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thank you @kpopandkimchi love you all too!
@StefaniTre Awe well thank you too, cause you all have been a blessing to me as well!
Awww thanks! 😊 Thank you for being so sweet & amazing ❤
Oh We love having you here!!!!
I'm so happy you joined our family and that we can be here for you. Vingle wouldn't be the same without you. My inbox is always open to you. <3