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Original Game/Card made by: @koinii I did this yesterday but I'm finally posting it I decided to make a fan fiction of my results :) WARNING ITS KIND OF LONG
Today was your 4th anniversary with the one and only swag king Suga. You still remember the day y'all two first met. It was at a fan signing and you two couldn't stop stuttering. You remember him secretly signing his number on the back of your poster. Just the thought of it made you smile like an idiot. "What are you thinking about? " Suga laughed poking your cheek. "Just the first time we met, and stop poking my cheek you dork." you pouted. "Stop being cute then." He laughed. Then he sighed deeply grabbing your hand. "Has it really been 4 years? I feel like we've only been together for a year." "It really has been 4 years. I feel old." You laughed. "I'm already old. Let's go home and take a nap." "I agree. " Then you kissed him on the cheek and he returned the favor by kissing you on your lips.
(*I HOPE IM DOING THIS RIGHT*) "Taehyung I don't think we should do this. Suga will kill us." "It's fine! We can get away with it! It's just a date to a restaurant. You like me right? " It was true. You like Taehyung. Suga and you have been fighting a lot more and he's been going out late and not returning your calls or texts. V was always there comforting you and all. You slowly started falling for him, and he felt the same way. You two have been secretly together. You knew it was wrong, but you couldn't help yourself. "Yeah.. I do like you." Then Taehyung walked up to you and he held your face. "Leave him." he sincerely said. Then he kissed you. Next thing you know you saw Suga punching V and they started fighting. "STOP!" you screamed. They continued and you could only stand in shock. V laid on the ground knocked out and Suga looked at you with red eyes. "What the hell was he doing?! What the hell were you doing with him?! How long has this been going on?!" He screamed. "Suga please listen... "you're voice cracked. "No. F*ck you we're done. " Then you broke. "Why the hell did you even care?! You never listen to me! You ignore me! And we fight every single day! I'm glad it's over between us. Goodbye." He walked away furiously knocking over trash cans and breaking stray bottles. All you did was attend V who was still knocked out.
Months later you broke up with Taehyung and stayed away from BTS. Except for Jin. He was like an older brother to you. You two stayed in touch and he helped you through tough times. Later that night Suga texted you. "Can we meet?" You panicked and didn't know what to do. You only response was this. "Why? Don't you hate me?" "We need to settle things between us. I'll come over and we'll drink over it." "Kk. " *LATER* Suga arrived with beer in his hands. He had dark circles under his eyes and he was thinner. You were upset to see him like that. You then realized this was awkward. He was just standing there waiting to come inside. "Come in." "You look sick." He finally said. "You're thinner, your eyes are dark, you don't look happy." "Let's talk." You both talked all night. About mistakes and constantly apologizing. And both getting drunk very fast. The last thing you remember was him and you going to bed together.
A few days later after the drunk night with Suga you rush to the bathroom just to puke up your breakfast. "Ugh why am I so sick.. " Then it hit you. You immediately contacted Jin. "Hello? " He answered sleepy. "Jin... I think I'm pregnant. " "Wait.. what? I just woke up slow down." "I THINK IM PREGNANT AND SUGA IS THE FATHER. " I panicked. "Why do you think Suga is the father?" "For one, he's the only one I ever did it with. And two... we both got drunk...and I remember us going to bed together." "Oh man holy shit!" You heard Jungkook yell. "AM I ON SPEAKER?! "YOU YELLED. "IM SORRY I WAS TRYING TO PUT ON MY PANTS AND I PUT IT ON SPEAKER. SUGA IS ON HIS WAY! " then he hung up. OMG what are you going to do?! You'll get Jin for this! Next thing you know you hear someone come in and run towards you. It was Suga. He grabbed you then hugged you. He was crying. You couldn't help but cry yourself. "I promise I won't leave you. Not ever again. I'll be a perfect dad. I won't be dead beat. I don't care what happens to us. I'll be there for you." he cried. "I love you." "I love you too. " was all you could say. You both cried and hugged each other. You and Jimin got "married" just to cover up the whole deal between what happened with the whole V and Suga thing long ago. (Your relationship with Suga back then was private from the public) You got back in touch with BTS. V and Suga were okay now, and everyone missed you. Suga was constantly worried about you as months passed and you were getting bigger. In fact the other members took care of you as well. Rap Monster made sure you were comfortable, Jin bought you food, Suga massaged your feet, J-Hope kept you entertained, Jungkook would sing to you (mostly the baby inside your stomach), Jimin and V helped do the cleaning and stuff at your house. Even though you told them you're fine he didn't accept that as a answer. Finally the day came. On April 19 you gave birth to a boy. You were in labor for 3 hours.He was beautiful. He had his dad's eyes, his smile, your hair, and your eyelashes. "You want to hold him? " You asked Suga. He nodded and carefully grabbed him from you. "Hi there. I'm your dad. That's your beautiful mom right there. We'll protect you forever. Then he showed the baby to the others. "I sang to him a lot. Maybe he'll be a good singer. " Jungkook said holding the baby's hands. "Wow he's handsome." Jimin smiled. "Maybe he'll like sleeping too. " Jin teased. "He looks like a turtle." J-Hope pinched the baby's nose. "He's going to break girls hearts when he grows up. " Rap Monster said. "I'm speechless. in a good way. " V smiled at the baby. You wanted to remember this moment forever. Just seeing Suga hold the baby and the others surrounding them. Suga then walked up to you and kissed you. "Let's make another." He smiled. "Let's not for a while." You laughed. Then you kissed him. (Wow that took forever. it's honestly my first time writing fan fiction so hopefully you enjoyed it. I put some cards out of order for the story to make sense. Well that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed :D)