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Omg this is amazing!
These go amazing together.
Ahhh Suga counting down is perfect!
I'm screaming!!! I'm not going to post all the videos, there are at least 52. Check out K I M V T A E on youtube! @Helixx @CreeTheOtaku @BBxGD @lovetop @SarahVanDorn @ZitaMahoney @KaitlynHewitt @AbbyRamey @NaughTAE @SugaOnTop @KeziahWright @bbyitskatie @ashleyemmert @CrookedShadow @ToppDogg @Emealia
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These are awesome. I watched the GOT7 "Run" and BTS "Bang Bang Bang" videos too. Those were cool.
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You know the song Call Me Baby was actually suppose to be called "Call Me Daddy"
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@KaeliShearer is that why there is so much fiction with them saying "call me daddy"?
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@LemonLassie I guess so I found out by my sister then I listened to the song new closely and it sad momma and papa or momma and dada somewhere is the song
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These are so cool! I'll have to check them out
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