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I Need This in My Life!!

XD Mannnnn I need this! I Love hair accessories and I would love to wear this! X) Ahhhh its soooo beautiful!!!! X) @hikaymm @littlemaryk @Kirik we need this!
I have this ♡
I gonna dye my hair red and cut my it and gather hot men that resemble her crew. Too bad I'm livin' the "no senpai" life. ;-;
yona's hair pin!
YESOMOOMO It is so beautiful in real life ahhh! Me wants ♡.♡ *sparkle in my eyeballs*
@Kirik @KarageChan like haha man su-won is a terd but I would still wear it! not for him but for myself haha @qveenknip ahhhhh awesome!!!! (: im so jealous haha (: @koifries haha its rough.. I hear ya
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