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" Babe I got some news" Jhope came running into my place. He seemed excited. "What's up?" "They set our debut date. And it's soon." He was bouncing off the walls with how happy he was. "That's great!" I gave him a hug. "I'm so happy! But you had something you needed to tell me earlier. What was it?" "Oh that." I let go of him and put some space between us. I was not going to tell him about my father. Why dampen the mood with that. I needed to come up with something. "What is it bad news?" He asked "No it wasn't bad was just that a friend I hadn't talked to in years called me and we plan to meet up when she gets to seoul." "Oh yay! It's a girl right." "Yes a girl I never had guy friends until you came along." "Oh baby...we are both having good days!" "Yea, but sadly you won't be around much right? I mean you have to keep practicing and once you debut there won't be any us time." "You aren't breaking up with me are you?" He asked getting serious. "Oh God no. I'm just sad about that part." "Well we will be texting each other as much as we can right?" "Of course." I agreed. Now I had to figure out my problem on my own. This wasn't going to be least I hope it isnt. "Are you ok?" He asked and I snapped out of my daze. "Yea I was just wondering do you have to go back or can you stay the night tonight?" "I'm staying the night for sure." He smiled and closed the distance between us. He quickly kissed my lips and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him and deepend the kiss. He was walking towards my room when he just pinned me against the wall. He broke our kiss. "I want all of you ingrained in my mind." I blushed at this. "Ok" I responded and so began a night of us ingraining each other's bodies into our minds. I woke to the sun hitting my face. "Stupid sun" I mumbled getting off the bed and shutting the blinds. I laid back down in bed and nuzzled up to J-hope. His body was so warm. Wait....did we have sex with the blinds open?!? My eyes shot open. I looked at the clock it was only 8. I lightly shook him. "Hobi....did we have sex with the blinds open?" I whispered "Mmhmm" "Oh my god." "Shh let's rest some more." He said pulling me closer to him. Out skin touching sending electricity throughout my body. Man this was not good. If I was like this now what would happen when we weren't able to see each other. I might go crazy. "I'm gonna make breakfast." I said pulling away from him. "I hope you do it naked." "No that's dangerous." "Well ill just be taking what you have on off again." "HOBI! How do you still have so much energy." "It's you (y/n) I'm just so attracted to you." I blushed "Let's eat before we think about doing anything else." I had grabbed my robe and was putting it on as I walked over to him. I pecked his cheek and ran out the door. I was going to make him an amazing meal. "(Y/n) why does it smell like somethings burning." He walked in and saw my sad face. "Ha you burned the food. And you have black stuff all over you." "I tried to save it but I couldnt." "It's ok I'll make some toast that's "ood enough." " No I wanted to make you a good breakfast." "Alright fine I'll help you." Finally J-hope showed me how to make his amazing breakfast. With his help it was really good. We ate and goofed around for what felt like a short time and then he got a text and had to leave. Today was going to be the hardest day. We said our goodbyes and I watched him leave. I could handle dating him. He loved me and I loved him we didn't have anything to worry about. I had decided on my own situation. I went and saw my parents. When I got there I found out my mother had lied. She just wanted me to be back home so we could all talk. It ended horribly. My dad and I argued and I finally gave up in them and told them to never contact me again. I didn't need there negativity in my life. I was so pissed. I walked a good distance before I realized I was just wandering around. I ended up in front of bighit. Obviously I wanted to talk to J-hope but he's busy so I can't and won't bother him. I turned around and started walking back to my place. Why would I tell him about this? He doesn't even know what happened since I lied to him. "Watch out!!!" I looked up and hit the ground. Someone on a bike hit me. "Holy hell." Flew out of my mouth. Who knew someone with a bike would actually hit someone. I laid on the ground. I only had the pain of hitting the ground. After a minute I sat up. "Oh my god are you ok?" Someone said "Yea I'm fine." I got up. "You are not fine." The same person said. "No I'm ok...really." Then I got dizzy. That was the last thing I remebered.

Beep beep beep beep

I opened my eyes. "Hey you're awake." "What happened?" "I hit you with my bike and you had blood coming out of your ears." "What!" "You hit your head hard and then you said you were fine so when you passed out I brought you here. It's a good thing you can hear." "What the hell are you talking about why would I not be able to hear?' "Well that's another reason blood comes from the ears...if your eardrums ruptured. But the doctor said you were fine. They just wanted to check to make sure you were fine when you woke up." "Ok..." "I'll go get the doctor." He quickly ran out of the room. After a few minutes the doctor came in. And checked me out. I guess the bleeding had stopped a little after they had gotten me here. They said if I feel dizzy and my head starts to hurt that I need to get back to the hospital fast. When I left the hospital that guy was waiting for me. "Dude I know your sorry and all but you don't need to hang around me." I pulled out my phone I was going to call J-hope and leave a message. "Well I feel really bad." "What's your name?" "Oh I'm sorry I never told you. My name is Jerry." "Ok thank you Jerry for taking me to the hospital but I'm good on my own." The phone was ringing now. A few rings and then he answered. "Hey how was our first day apart?" He asked "Ha it was ok. I miss you already." I started walking away. "So do you wanna hear something I heard about today?" "Sure" "Someone got hit by a person on a bike and had to go to the hospital. Isn't that odd you never hear about bike accidents." "Oh yea that is weird." I'm glad he doesn't know it was me. I don't need him worrying since I'm fine now. "I'm really glad you called now I got my break and really wanted to hear your voice." "Babe...just think all your hard work will pay off. I can't wait for you to debut." "Yea me either." There was someone yelling on the background about break time being over. "Alright I'll let you go. Have fun practicing." "I will I love you baby!" "I love you too." We hung up and I went and got myself food and took it home. I watched tv and ate and ended up falling asleep on the couch. This day was alot harder than I wanted it to be.
I'm so sorry I didn't post on this story for a while I kept getting writers block but not I think I'll be good to go for awhile. I hope you enjoyed reading it!!!!
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I'm sorry but I thought it was a little funny when JH said btw someone got hit by a bike and y/n was just like haha that's so weird. if it were me I would've burst out laughing and been like it was meee.
Boo! Not communicating is a bad thing. I'm suspicious that it's not gonna go well.
Ow the neighbors are going to be so traumatized!!!
I cringed at the thought of the pain😫😫😫
I am still enjoying !
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