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The lovely @kpopandkimchi Tagged me in a card about Vocals week for FanastyKpop . And I just had to show some appreciation for some of the huge amount of talented singers in the idol industry!
Well done to all the card makers who have participated ! XD you've introduced me to so much unknown ( to me) vocal gold!
so without further ado !!!!
I present : SON SEUNG YEON !!!!
This lovely lady has a glorious voice ! with several performances of just pure awesome sauce , she never fails to give me the chills with her powerful singing. Take her covers on immortal song for example . I literally don't know how to even process how good she is.
somehow I always end up like this by the end
She can pretty much vocally master any song I'm sure .
She is so incredibly gifted .
Honestly though . I always get so emotional over her impeccable voice. Well that's all for this card folks toodles My Tiny Tag list ~ @Tania538
p.s - Have you seen her performance of Bohemian rhapsody!?!?
@drummergirl691 she had this one performance that was absolutely incredible on Immortal song 2. but it's been taken down (╥_╥). I have it though .
Daammmnnnn!!! 😱 Her voice is amazing!
@drummergirl691 I know ! It's so cool!