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I think it's safe to say that I have a picture of pretty much every meal I've eaten out within the past 2 years - and I know I'm not the only one. Thanks to social media and the door it's opened for foodies, tech savvy foodies have been sharing pictures of their #epicfeast #omgsogood #fyeahfood on anything from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram.
Let it be known that most of my friends think I'm ridiculous for documenting every burger, every sushi roll, and every trip to KBBQ. However, maybe those of us with this #foodporn habit are onto something!

According to a new study published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, 'food porn' actually makes food MORE DELICIOUS!

Now let me explain:

With most photography - including the 'photography' culture we call Instagram, there is a creative process involved. We make sure there's good lighting. We work those angles. We figure out what we need to do to make our subject - in this case, food - look as good as possible.
That study-defined "momentary active delay in consumption" is something of a gastronomic foreplay for your brain and tastebuds. In the end, that whole anticipatory process allows you to truly savor what you eat!
The study, conducted by Saint Joseph's University's Department of Food Marketing, also adds that indulgence plays a big factor on the amount of result. While this effect definitely works on healthy food, the 'guilty pleasure' factor of indulgent foods definitely enhances its flavor. (The foods used in the study, for example, were red velvet cake versus a fresh fruit salad.)
However, there is a catch for those of you who want to be getting more out of your kale smoothies! The team also found that looking at #cleaneating pictures before digging into your fruits and veggies helped adjust that gauge. In short, looking at satisfying Instagram shots of kale before digging into a kale salad might actually make the kale taste better!
So the next time you splurge on an expensive restaurant, make sure that everyone takes a few fancy pictures of their food before they chow down - that way, everyone will at least be getting more of their money's worth!

Now what do you think? Do you agree with the study's logic, or is there really no excuse for foodie pics on your Instagram feed?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange (but true!) studies, check out my Weird Science collection!
@danidee Post it. :)
I share almost every picture of food I have eaten on Instagram! It does help in nurturing the taste! :)
@danidee wait..it's your bedtime now right? haha
@danidee go for it!
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