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EXO Easter

Me: You little sh- Kai: Shhhhh!! Its for my dogs...They need it more than you.. *runs* I'm coming babies!!
Kai: *returns* Me: .... Kai: I'll help you now!! Me: What? NO! You'll just steal them again... Kai: I JUST FOUND TWO MORE!
D.O: Here just take mine. You're right. he'll just take them again. Me: Thank you^-^ D.O: No problem! *Satansoo activated, smacks Kai* Why were you helping her instead of me? UNBELIEVABLE!!
We pretty much all know he did that awhile ago, ne?
*searching* Chen: KAI PUT HER BASKET DOWN, I SWEAR! Me: Aishhhh again???
Chanyeol: *holding a bunny* I got you am actual Easter Bunny...Well not exactly, I hope I am enough^-^
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