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Gong Yoo properly showed off just how strong he is as a star. He attended the press conference for KBS2’s Big on May 29 with his partners Lee Min Jung and Bae Suzy, and received big media attention for his first comeback to the small screen in five years. Over 200 journalists gathered to cover the story, and officials even had to give out reporter stickers in case fans pretending to be reporters would sneak in. The feature that also grabbed as much attention as Gong Yoo were the rice wreaths sent in by his fans. Rice wreaths are usually sent by fans of idol actors such as Park Yoo Chun or Ok Taecyeon, but Gong Yoo proved he was just as popular as such idols by filling the venue with his own rice wreaths. The rice added up to about two tons, and proved he was a big hallyu star as they were from fanclubs located in various parts of Southeast Asia. Gong Yoo also stood proud on set thanks to his fanclub. The members of his official fanclub brought in cafeteria trucks to the scene, bombarding the set with waves of samgyetang, snacks and desserts. His fans even opened up a coffee shop together in his name. The café ‘Gong Yoo’ in Hongdae is owned by Gong Yoo’s fans. An official for Big said, “We didn’t know Gong Yoo would be this popular. Fans who often gather at the Gong Yoo café come visit the drama shoots, and ask after Gong Yoo.” The drama already sold at an expensive price overseas thanks to Gong Yoo’s name value. Big was exported to Japan for about 200 million won for each episode, and Southeast Asian countries are also setting their sights on importing the drama. A rep from Gong Yoo’s agency said, “Jung Il Woo was able to become more popular in Southeast Asia through The Sun and the Moon. Gong Yoo, Jung Il Woo’s agency senior, is very attached to Big because he chose it after much consideration. We expect him also to turn out great results because he’s working hard to keep his body fit and is trying on a new comical image.” src: enewsworld
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