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Fifth Group: Royal Pirates
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Members: (3)
Name: Kim Moon Chan or Richard Kim
Stage Name: Richard
He played bass and was Moon's older brother.
He was born in 1986 and sadly passed away in 2008. I feel it is important to mention him because he was one of the founding members of Royal Pirates (or the group that became Royal Pirates after his death.)
Name: Lee Joo Hyun or James Lee
Stage Name: James
He is a lead vocalist and he plays the bass but recently suffered a hand injury which is preventing him from playing. He now plays the keyboard. He was added into the group after Richard's death.
He was born in 1988.
Name: Kim Moon Chul or Andrew Kim
Stage Name: Moon
He is the main vocalist and he plays the guitar.
He was born in 1988.
Name: Kim Soo Yoon
Stage Name: Exsy
He is a lead vocalist, plays the drums, and he is the Maknae.
He was born in 1989.
Please give them a lot of support! They deserve so much more!
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What's you favorite Royal Pirates song?
I love On My Mind!!
@CreeTheOtaku Moon's voice is amazing and he can do a lot of things with it. I love Flu to you too!
fly to you was a cute song that they ever made but I love their covers of songs from Ailee to big bang