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Oh geez, these guys are gonna kill me ;-; Original Card: Link☞
*gasps* Lay gimme back my guevos!
Yeah so you can then steal them from me!
*sniffs* Thank You Suho, your so nice. *sees lay coming back to take these* NO! go away, Miiiiine! leave me alone!
You didn't do a good job on keeping lay away from me Sehun! I'm telling auntie @ElleHolley on you! Now stay away from me D:
*sighs* You just don't listen do you Kai ;-;
Finished *does the move chen is doing* xD He so cute! ;-;

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@jessicaacosta90 hey hey hey now Lay also helped you after he stole them. no need to intervene lol
@ElleHolley Lol Well he didn't do a good job cause Lay stole my eggs! ;-; Lol
yes winning no Chanyeol! lol He was doing what I told him to. protect the niece!!!!
@jessicaacosta90 that's not the order of the cards lol 😂😂😂😂 nope invalid
@ElleHolley No no no no, he helped me to then steal them 😂