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Why, hello lovlies. Today was a very crazy day for me and I was extremely stressed out, but then I started listening to music. I don't know why, but Kpop always calms me down. So in honor of Vocals Week, I will be talking about songs that have amazing vocals that calm me down.
The first song I would like to discuss is Taeyeon's "I". Taeyeon is my ultimate female bias and I just love her voice. Every time I hear her voice, I feel relaxed. Her song "I" just reminds me of a summer day where I just get up and leave everything behind. Like as if I can leave all my troubles and be carefree.
The second song is Coffee Shop by B.A.P. This song is more jazz like and actually gives me chills during the high notes. The combination of the smooth and slightly husky voices is my favorite thing about this song. Honestly think it's a beautiful song and the best to listen to when you feel like relaxing.
Let Me Know by Bangtan Boys. This is my favorite song by them. I love the arrangement, the lyrics, and especially listening to the vocals put their hearts into this. Yoongi did a brilliant job with this song and I'm happy that I am alive to hear it. Truly it's an amazing song.
Missing You by 2NE1 Now I know this song definitely isn't supposed to be uplifting, but I just love how all of them are just singing. To me, Bom has the best voice, but all of them were amazing in this song.
Moonlight by EXO M Now EXO is one of my top favorite groups and I usually pay more attention to the dancers than vocals if I'm watching a video. Though I immediately focus all my attention towards the vocals of the group if it's a lyric video or just my music on my phone. Exo went through a lot in the past few years and this song is one of the last songs our little deer performed with them. Hearing his soft voice mix with our troll's strong and powerful one makes me smile. It's like he's still there....
Peter Pan by EXO K This is ultimately my favorite song by EXO. This song reminds me of a childhood crush and I smile thinking about how I was when I was a kid. I like Baekhyun's and Suho's voices the most in this song. Even if Suho's part wasn't as big as Kyungsoo’s or Baekhyun's, I always manage to pick out his angelic voice.
Miracles in December by EXO M & K This song makes me speechless. Baekhyun, Jongdae, Luhan, and Kyungsoo sang it's indescribable. Even though the meaning behind the song is sad, hearing the four of them sing is beyond breath taking. Also whoever would leave these poor babies at night in the snow is just heartless.
Evanesce by Super Junior I know, more depressing songs, but who honestly can say they didn't get chills when they heard these boys sing? The high notes were good and I love how they harmonized for the chorus. I can't pick out who I liked the most because they all did amazing.
Wedding Dress by Taeyang This man is just gorgeous. From his smile, to his voice, and definitely his body. I love listening to his music when I go on walks. This song, in Korean and in English, makes me want to dance. I know I'm weird, but I can just picture him singing and both of us dancing together.
Ayo by ShinEE This song is so amzing and the lyrics are uplifting. These five men sang this song so well and I remember watching a live performance of this too. They looked like they were having so much fun and I smiled widely just watching them. I have no favorite parts nor do I have a bias of the group. I mean come on, who can pick a favorite from these dorks.
So that was 10 of the songs that help cheer me up. I hope you guys didn't mind my rambling and please comment below what songs help cheer you up. @kpopandkimchi all credit of videos and pictures goes to their owners
UGH yes to all of these! Coffee Shop is actually one of my favorite songs by bap :D
@kpopandkimchi same!! Though rain and voicemail are very close seconds.