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First, comics. Then, books....it's not secret that Hollywood grows it's ideas from other mediums. But is anime going to be next?

I'm not the type that usually draws parallels between different mediums, but recently, a few popular Youtube channels have made videos highlighting the crossover from anime to Hollywood that is happening. And guess what? It's been happening for years! While some directors happily say that they were inspired by various anime, others, well, others like to pretend the similarities are coincidental, or that they don't exist at all.

Strange, yes? Let's look a little deeper....

(oh, also, shout out to my friend @VoidX <3 I was inspired by their Why? collection in writing this kind of card!!)

First, this video runs through a list of popular movies that, whether intentional or not, are seemingly copies of popular animation!

The list, in case you can't watch right now:
Inception & Paprika | 0:37
Pacific Rim & Neon Genesis Evangelion | 1:08
The Matrix & Ghost in the Shell | 1:36
Dark City & Akira | 2:03
Van Helsing & Vampire Hunter D | 2:32
The Lion King & Kimba the White Lion | 3:13
Atlantis: The Lost Empire & Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water | 3:43
Black Swan & Perfect Blue | 4:14
As Screen Rant went through these, I couldn't help but nod my head & start agreeing!
And now, for a more vlog style approach not just looking at whether or not Hollywood steals from anime, but more how Hollywood is influenced by a very popular medium--anime!!!

Why does Hollywood do this?

Well, I think The Anime Man broke it down pretty well.
Well, there's just a HUGE volume of things to work with from the anime / world of Japanese literature....!!! Plus, that industry is just HUGE!!! I mean it's basically the second largest visual entertainment sector if you put Japanese movies / animation / manga / games all together. There's also a ton of shared audience between the two, you know? Why not combine the themes both audiences enjoy, and see what you can create? There's also a lot of tropes that western audiences like and the ideas form anime are new, unique, and might be able to develop in a new way in Hollywood! And, since anime is getting kind of mainstream these days in the international world, there's a big reason for Hollywood to be paying attention, you know?

What do you think about Hollywood basing things or getting ideas from Japanese anime, literature and more?

Is this influence good, or bad? I personally like when mediums learn from each other & are able to grow in new interesting ways thanks to those influences. But I personally don't think it's right when those influences go unacknowledged. You can't just copy & paste an essay, change a few words, and call it your own, you know?
The same goes for Hollywood, so hopefully if this influence continues to grow it will not be a secret, but instead, Japanese literature and anime will become known as great influence to the entertainment industry at large!
I think doing a reference or homage can be great, anime influences and inspires other anime after all. I think it just needs to be straightforward. Pacific Rim I remember the director talking about the things that inspired the movie, but I'm not sure about the others (esp Disney, I only knew the Lion King was partially inspired by Hamlet, not anything else)
Honestly if they made a nge movie I would really Interested in how it turns out.
Quick and dirty: Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
I had this kind of conversation with my friend once when we were comparing The Hunger Games trilogy to Battle Royale. The manga had a huge fan base, that in Japan, they made a live action movie on it. BUT the movie itself was banned from being played in the U.S because of how graphic it was even thought the manga sell just fine. When the Hunger Games books came out, Hollywood decided to make a movie, regardless of how graphic it was, which is ridiculous in my opinion. Like why ban Battle Royale from being played if your just going to make a movie like later down the line?
It's coming ... America is just a bit slow sometimes ... but then again, can we say BloodRayne? Rise (take your pick because there's 2 different ones)? Or how about (not American) Black Butler? Crying Freeman? *putting that right there for a bit*
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