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accurate depiction of me right now
So guys, this is another survival game. Which means I have a chance of losing one of my biases. Now do you see why I'm like Lay right now? Yep. I blame you, @JohnEvans. Anyway, let's move on. I've thought really long and hard about this, that's what she said, and I'm pretty content with my team. So without further ado, let me introduce you to my reverse harem *coughs* I mean survival squad.

Muscle - Kyungil

There should be no question as to why I chose him. his muscles tell it all. But in case you want an actual reason then all I can say is that Kyungil takes his workouts pretty seriously. He likes to keep in shape and that's something that is very important to him. Why wouldn't I want someone like him in my team? Besides I'm pretty weak, I need somebody to contrast me. And he is major eye candy.

Brains - Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Despite his seemingly clueless moments, Namjoon proves time after time that there is more to him than meets the eye. He is highly intelligent and when given the chance to display his talents, he always surpasses his peers expectations with flying colors. Not to mention he's a cutie with dimples so deep you can swim in. Who would pass up a chance to be grouped with this buddy? Not I.

Scaredy Cat - Z.TAO

Let's face it, as talented as Tao is in martial arts. I don't think he'd survive on an island seeing as though he is scared shitless by many things. I feel that he'd be too busy being paranoid and jumping at the sound of crunched leaves to be of help. Hence my choice. However the most important reason (actually it's not important at all) is that Tao is my precious and I must protect him at all cost. Even if it means stranding him on an island with me to do so.

Secret Weapon - S.COUPS (Seungcheol)

Don't let his caring and kind nature fool you. Seungcheol is fully equipped to deal with the most complicated of tasks. TBH, this shouldn't even be surprising knowing that he leads and puts up with 12 man children in Seventeen. And on top of that, he's secretly strong. He may not look it, and he's clumsy as hell as well, but he's the strongest member of his group. He'll definitely be of great help when teamed up with Muscle, Brains and/or Co-Captain. Besides he's Daddy af.

Protector - Yongguk

Honestly, to me this is a no brainer. Yongguk is one of the most caring leaders I know. He cares so much about his group and he's extremely protective of his members. These are things I believe will benefit me and my squad. Plus, having a little eye candy with a voice like his wouldn't hurt.

Co Captain - B.I (Hanbin)

+ Deadweight - Bobby (Jiwon)

If this had been a few days ago, I probably wouldn't have even given Hanbin a thought. But after a Soompi quiz I took about what leader I was most similar too, I definitely agree. Which is why I chose him. I feel like since we're so similar, we would work better together. Though a con is that we both flip out under stress, we could keep each other in check since we're use to dealing with our own aggressive personalites. Also, since Hanbin always comes Bobby. It's like a two for one special even if Bobby isn't technically on my team (the only con of this is that if something happens to B.I, I'll lose Bobby too). So I get my boyfriend and my husband all in one. There is gonna be some serious repopulation going on.
accurate depiction of me at my harem
So there you have it, my KPOP ISLAND SURVIVAL SQUAD! And let me tell you, it truly hurts to have some of these people on the squad. But because me and the #YAKPAK decided to make this game a little bit more competitive, we all had to put at least one UB on the line. I sadly have two on the line, and one of them is dead-weight. If you want to join on the fun (read: PAIN), you can find the original card here.
If you want to follow my squads story line, you can find the card here.
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@JohnEvans yeah, I understand that. They're basically dead weight. I like to think that Bobby wouldn't even be around us. He's just following us in secret.
@MadAndrea lol, I follow a lot of female groups and I know some pretty strong females. Yoona from SNSD (Girls' Generation) is pretty strong as well as Amber from f(x). But yeah, I had to fo with guys, I don't like competition. Besides, I'll need to repopulate the island.
sorry I meant you @MadAndrea lol
@ChelseaJay You're welcome lol... :)
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