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HELLO ALL! It has been such a long time since we have done a good ol'-fashioned gif challenge, and I thought - hey, why not start anyone one up?
If you haven't done one of our gif challenges before, here's how they go:
1) Create a card with Why I'm Weird In 5 Gifs in the title.
2) Tell us your 5 biggest quirks/strange facts about you with gifs. (Or if your phone can't do gifs, funny pictures work just fine too!)
3) Take around 5 friends to do the challenge next!

Today's topic: WHY WE'RE WEIRD!

If you're active in the Funny Community, chances are you're a little crazy. But what KIND of crazy? Let everyone know about your quirks. Confess, confess, confess!
The first people I'm tagging are:
Note: If you want to help get this started, and you're not on my tag list, feel free to do this challenge anyway! YOLO and all that stuff!

NOW let's start this challenge off with MY list!

Fact #1: I really like the smell of chlorine.

I know it's actually supposed to be horrible, but I really like chlorine smell - especially indoor pools. I think because I was on swim teams growing up.

Fact #2: I flip through magazines backward.

Usually the front of the magazine is full of ads and boring pages like the masthead, table of contents, etc. Reading it from the back helps me get to the 'good stuff' faster!

Fact #3: I have a spot-on Cher impression.

In high school, I was known as 'the girl with the Cher impression'. It was pretty much my claim to fame. I'd 'do the Cher' in science class, in the locker room after PE, I was even asked to do it during lunch period for random kids' birthdays. (I peaked too soon.)

Fact #4: I have the musical taste of a Korean old man.

I started with K-Pop, then it turned into K-Hip Hop, but these days, I'm obsessed with Korean music from the 1960s - 1980s. It's super telling of the times and fun to listen to!

Fact #5: I used to collect taxidermy.

My bedroom is a little museum of oddities - my two oddest things being my taxidermy jackalope (Jacques!) and my taxidermy squirrel (Chechito!), both gifts from my family.

Now that you've seen my weird facts, show me yours! Write a card, find gifs, and make sure to tag me in it when you're done!

I don't think 5 GIFs will cover all of my weirdness
I'm always saying i'm in for all those cool challenges but then i completely forget abt it or too lazy to write. But I'll try my best to do this n the BFF challenge in which @nicolejb tagged me by today.
@YumiMiyazaki I SAW THAT YOU MADE ONE! I'm gonna go read it asap. <3
I read magazines backward and love the smell of chlorine too XD
@danidee It wouldn't fit on a card馃槄
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