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Komugi x Meruem FEELS!! --(Potential Spoilers)

Ok, all you Hunter x Hunter fans, I need help. I just finished the episode where, well, Komugi and Meruem die, and I just can't right now!!! I mean, it was so perfect, and so romantic, and so SAD!!!! OMG!!! I am dying!!
They are so cute together, and its so amazing that this blind girl with a chronic cold was the one that so opened this murderous, megalomaniacal, amalgamation-of-insect-body-parts to love and admiration of others and just feeling in general!! OMG, they are so perfect together!!!!!!!!!!! And then the writers have to go and kill them, but in a really beautiful, heart wrenching way! I am crying and smiling, and good lord, the moment when you realize you have serious feels over a, what did I say, "murderous, megolomaniacal, amalgamation of insect body parts" and this adorable, unshakable, wonderful girl who is blind and feels all she is good at is gungi?
Like, really, why would you do this to me?!
Oh, well, too bad, I'm already well down the river of Feels on this one. Just wondering if anyone else had this problem, or whether I'm just overly emotional about this one. Until next time, Minna-san!
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Eep. T_T Spoilers. Could you possibly announce there are spoilers on this card and put some spaces so the first bit of text is hidden? That would be awesome.
I feel you on this one! My #1 OTP of all anime! Felt like I was hit by lightning that entire episode!
@Danse will do
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