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Tumblr?! Video Edits?!

*random gif of soulmate cause why not*
Hey guys!! soooo sorry I haven't posted those photo edits, I have been kinda busy hah. but I got a tumblr where I post all my little kpop video edits! my username is clstap1. I made it today and I only have one post so don't judge>.< but yeah ...k bye my trash squad: @AbbyRamey @NinaKuduzovic @DestinaByrd @bbyitskatie @PrincessUnicorn   @stsmarlene @4dalientae @nnatalieg @Ercurrent @ninjamidori @JayRaider  @Kpossible4250 @SusiBosshammer  @ILikeHisFace123 @twistedPuppy @nerdykeira
oohhhh add me I'm Twistedpuppy
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