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So i decided to do this game and i just love my results well some of them lol
Credit to whoever made this:)
Ok here it goes 1st: Look here by BTS so i guess i'm going to die lonely running away from the person i love 2nd: i got bae bae by bigbang well thats nice lmao well the song technically says it all 3rd: my third song was so pretty by c-clown this is would be a cute song to play at my wedding 4th: tough cookie- zico "Touch cookie in my pants"馃槀馃槀 5th: catallena- orange carmel lol ok my funeral gonna be turnt lmao jkjk ppl would prob be like wtf 6th: sex trip- jay park "Sex trip with a shovel and a screwdriver" omfg馃槺馃槺 noooo 7th: bts boys in luv well that would be an awesome week 8th: sorry sorry- super junior really??? This is my theme song thats so sad 9th: we are bulletproof -bts well at least me and my lover are bulletproof and no one can destroy us! 10th: working- jungkook cover This song is actually pretty sad i would prob cry while missing someone and listening to this song
My bias wrecker
My bias Ughhh i cant even look at them i'm in love馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
@sarabear1021 so far lots of 2pm
@LemonLassie hope u get better results then me lmao
@sarabear1021 im about to touch up my hair dye, so ill shuffle some songs..this should be fun
@ElleHolley and scary lol
your #6 is hilarious @sarabear1021
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