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So Subkulture Entertainment just released when GOT7 will come to the US!!! Im literally having the worst week ever but this made my whole entire day!!
Ill be trying my best to attend the one in LA I hope to see a lot of IGOT7 there and hope to make friends since I might be going alone if I don't convince my best friend to go with me!
Ill finally get to see my husband live!! This sexy hunk of a man and I will be in the same place and only a little distance from each other! No longer will an ocean separate our love!!!
Can't wait to see this live!! it will be the death of me!
im so excited, found out about this at midnight kast night and I was too excited to sleep when I should've cuz I have school which im in now ha but omg Im so happy its in the summer yay, hopefully my mum lets me go to the dallas one.
@chenisbaekasy Im not sure yet Ill have to look it up because I want to know too so I dont miss out!!! @Dabaesaplayer I hope you get to go!!!
when will tickets be sold
i hope i can go to the dallas one also
are there tickets