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Gong Yoo got a ‘big’ present from his fans to help him with his first small screen comeback in five years. On May 24, Gong Yoo’s official fanclub YOO&I prepared a special meal of samgyetang (medicinal chicken soup) to help the actors and staff of KBS2’s Big put together a great drama. The meal included 120 servings of samgyetang in total, as well as desserts, fruits, snacks, coffee and sikhye (sweet rice drink). Gong Yoo said in thanks, “I’m working hard in every scene because it’s my first fun drama in five years. I’m so proud and thankful that my fans showed their support like this even before the broadcast started. Thanks to my fans’ care, even I became so proud of myself on set. I’ve had a great meal, so I’ll work hard up to the broadcast. You can look forward to it.” A staff member for Big also said, “It was our first shoot on set in a country region, but thanks to the samgyetang by Gong Yoo’s fanclub, the staff were able to get their strengths up after working so hard before the broadcast. The mood on set also lightened up, so everyone is working hard.” Gong Yoo will be taking on his first comical role for the drama as the 18 year old high school student Kang Kyung Joon, who, by an unfortunate accident, gets the body of the perfect doctor Seo Yoon Jae. Big, written by the hit makers Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, will air its first episode on June 4.
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