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I was tagged by @sarabear1021 she got some pretty great results so I thought... Why not?
#1 BEAST- good luck Well that sucks... Am I gonna die alone? #2 EXO- what is love Well that worked out perfectly... #3 GDRAGON- that xx Ok kind of a weird song to play at my wedding... Did I marry the wrong guy? Did he marry the wrong girl? #4 EXO- miracles in December (in my pants) #5 GOT7- just right I guess my funeral is gonna be turnt #6 TWICE- like ooh-ahh (with a shovel and a screwdriver) ummmm I'm not even gonna go there. #7 EXO- baby don't cry It's actually not that far off... #8 2PM- A.D.T.O.Y. This is my theme song? Well I am pretty thirsty... #9 GAIN- paradise lost Ummm.... Well whoever I'm thinking about we must be getting busy often. #10 VIXX- Eternity Well that couldn't have been more perfect. Eternity is literally about losing someone.
So I got some good answers and some RATHER DEPRESSING answers... Tell me what you get!