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Okay guy let's prey for our fellow kpopper @BBxGD even though right now she is facing something awful she still keeps a smile on for us let show her it's okay to cry and to Stay strong I know I don't know you much but I love your cards and story's and I know you'll make it because your brave you're a survivor and I know it Fighting! !!!! GD has more music for you to love don't forget you still need more spazzing to do!!! I believe in you YOUR NOT ALONE YOU DON'T HAVE TO FACE IT BY YOURSELF WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!!!! AND IF I COULD GIVE YOU SOME OF MY WHITE BLOOD CELL I WOULD DO IT IN A HEART BEAT !!! I'LL PRAY FOR YOU!!!!
Come on guys let show our support to this lovely Fellow VIP here and keep her smiling
Stay strong Keep smiling and KEEP ON STANNING BIGBANG GIRL YOU GOT THIS I KNOW IT \(^_^)/
@ashleyemmert @Starbell808 @LisetteZapata @Sailynn @LysetteMartinez Thank you all!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖 And thank you for this card. thank you so much 💖💖
@BBxGD Stay Strong and Be Happy!! We will all be praying for you day and night :D
@BBXGD Prayers and lots of love to you. Sorry to here your going through a lot your not a lone if you ever need to talk I am here . Hope you get better soon Fighting!!!! 💕💕💕
@BBxGD You are so loved. Please stay strong and positive, no matter what's going on. I will be praying for you💗💗💗
Lots of love to you and stay strong!!@BBxGD
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