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This adorable dog was brought to the Marin Humane Society shelter and was shaking, not eating, and hiding in the corner of her kennel.

After a routine checkup when she arrived, the shelter found out she had very recently had puppies. They contacted the original owner, got her puppies back, and the reunion is PRICELESS.

Immediately her tail is wagging and she's cuddling up with the puppies she thought she had lost!

It's pretty amazing what the bond between parent and child is like. I'm so glad that this proud mom got a happy ending!

Who else feels a little lost without their parents or kids?

Shout out to all the parents (of furry friends or humans) on Vingle :D

Alright that is too cute.I love it
This is absolutely precious 😊
Haha, she knew when to come back. XD
@CuteSpy I had the same thing happen! My dog is afraid of the vacuum and we accidentally took it out when the front door was open and she ran! We had the whole neighborhood looking for her (she came back for dinner ^^)
There is one time that my furbaby accidentally got out of the house and all the people inside our house went crazy when we found out that he's missing. Luckily, he didn't went too far. It was a really horrible feeling, especially when you know that he is helpless out there because he is not trained to be on his own. :3