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I love this sweater but didn't fite me so I'm just selling it for thirty cuz that's how much I bought it i don't if anyone wants it its a size large it might fit a size Medium so ya so I don't know who wants it and sorry I haven't post my story yet I've been super busy with school and dealing with problems. so hope u guys have a Wonderful day BTS V.I.P
this is the sweater that I bought Kpop merch sizes are different from here in Cali so ya I got the wrong size
@jessicaacosta90 what side are from here
if you buy things from Asian stores, order two sizes bigger. Because clothes there are too small.
@mellyortiz Well I live out by Fresno..I think South
That's why I'm afraid to buy them online cause I'm from Cali too so idk what size i would be .-.