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Easter is just around the corner! And you know what that means? Bunnies, eggs, oh my! This baby was a squad collaboration by my girls @ashleyemmert and @sarabear1021.
Let's get this party started!
With that sweet angelic face, that serene did I not see this one coming?! Oh don't worry Kyungsoo, it's cool, Ima get you back ;)
Yeah, helps eat all of my candy. I bet when I'm not looking, he's busting open the eggs and picking his favorite candies. I know you, boo. That's okay I'm sure we can come to agreement, trading the stuff we don't like for the stuff we do. A good partnership methinks.
Uh, you better give me those Easter Eggs, like 90% of them are mine!!
That is unexpected. I didn't think something like that was between us, Baekhyun, but my heart can't lie...even if you are really obnoxious...but you're so cute...
With his strong personality, it would probably turn into a competiton or we decided to sabotage the others. But most I probably told him to go away and then he kept walking with me and chattering away. I like the sound of his voice so no complaints here. So is Sehun with us, munching on candy too?
Well this is a surprise!! I hope my surprise also included a little dance, preferable while be drenched in water....
Best Easter Ever!
Please tag me in your cards @ScarletMermaid😃 I prefer kai's dances when he's drenched in water too lol😂
the last gif 😂😂😂😂
@ashleyemmert you gotta do something about him. He's incorrigible that one
@ScarletMermaid I'm gonna have to take baekhyun back to my room now and loose the key