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Here's a phrase you hear all the time in songs!

"Hold/Take My Hand!"

Leo's famous note at 2:55 "내 손을 잡아~~~~~~~"

(nae sohn-eul jab-aaaaaaa)

Take my haaaaaaaaaand!

IU's song Hold My Hand at 0:30 "내 손을 잡아"

(nae sohn-eul jab-a)

Take my hand!

In BTS' Miss Right @2:16 Suga says "내 손을 잡아"

Lee Hi's newest single!

This song is called "손잡아 줘" (sohn-jab-a jweo) which means "please hold my hand'
(줘 is the informal way of saying 주세요 which means please)

Have you heard this phrase before?!

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Tell me why-ukiss
..I'm sure I have but didn't know what it was before! I like Lee Hi's song, this is the first time I've heard it! ^_^
I think I have heard it before...more likely from a few dramas lol
yes! always!
yes! a lot of kpop songs have this phrase