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Was tagged by many people and thought I would try it out ;)
1. The song that describes how you will die. Ummm....
2. This song describes your love life oh my kookie baby ;-;
3. This song will play at your wedding Oh jesssuuussss
4. Add "In My Pants" at the end of this song. Conduct Zero 'In my pants'
5. This song will play at your funeral I'll get to hear Appa's voice when I'm gone :D
6. Add "With a shovel and Screwdriver" to this song Nalina 'with a shovel and screwdriver'
7. This song describes your week
8. This is your theme song My two favorite Ships in the group ;-;
9. This song will play when you think of some one you love Uhhhhh...
10. This song will play when you miss someone Yes, It works cause I miss my eomma very much ;'( @ashleyemmert
Ummm Appa what are you doing? Oh what's that? You tryna rile eomma up? Ok proceed *leaves room*

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No lol
@ashleyemmert Is that a bad thing? 😱
@jessicaacosta90 your funeral is gonna be turnt walk up in there and here JHOPE going HEYYYY WHOA WHOA
Omg amazing results 😅
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