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Los Angeles-based photographer Christie Hemm has always had a fascination with abandoned homes. Whenever she comes across one, she feels the need to explore inside and put together the pieces of the stories left behind. This particular series focuses on Elizabeth, a woman Hemm discovered in a house outside of Los Angeles. The run-down house was filled with personal items left behind from the 1960s and 70s. From the clothing still hanging in the closets, to the letters and dishes still on the kitchen shelves, Hemm ‘met’ Elizabeth. After she finished photographing the belongings in the house, Hemm took the project even further. She removed selected items and created self-portraits depicting Elizabeth and her family. She let the letters and clothing help her imagine who Elizabeth was, and to tell her story. The images make you feel like you are sharing a private moment with Elizabeth, a sneak peek into her everyday life.
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@alise Yes, very much so. I may not post up many portrait works (I leave that to you and Tap), but I do very much love them. I just really, really love nature. (^_^) I think it's wonderful how much you love photography. And yes, I am a photographer. :)
@yinofyang i am so glad that someone in Vingle did also like this project like me. It somehow reconnect me with the past, and the present . Yah I do not call myself a photographer, but I did love photography. :( And you are a photographer as well ? :)
I love photography series like these. It reimagines things that we normally don't think of. Lovely work! Also, I meant to ask you because I've been seeing you post up more photography work, are you a photographer yourself? (^_^)