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자기 - Dear/Myself

This one is a little hard to explain. It is usually translated as my dear but its more than that. It means more like 'you're a piece of me'
But calling someone "peice of me!" in English isn't quite as cute.

여보 - Darling, honey, sweetheart

This like all English pet names rolled into one. Sweetie, honey, darling, etc. However, its an older term so usually only married couples feel comfortable using it. It's sort of a sign that you are married and in this for the long haul.

내사랑 - My love

(nae sa-rang)
Literally, "my love."

Which one sounds the sweetest to you?!

I actually call @MorganElisabeth 자기, cause we're platonic soulmates. But between all of these, depending on the situation I think I would be more comfortable with 내사랑.
Piece of me, I just think that is lovely, call me a hopeless romantic... *sigh*
I think I like 내사랑 the most because I say my love in English also
it's funny I have this weird habit of saying CHA! everytime I hand someone something. So when I hand my boss (who's korean) something he laughs. Guessing he thing I'm saying 자기 in a short way~
"내사랑" its just so sweet! I cant help but love that 😀😀😍
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