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Double Shot. Just found another made by @sarabear1021 and @ashelyemmert. it's about one of my favorite bands, EXO! believe it or not I haven't seen much of EXO on this app at all. Makes me sad so this really made me happy. So let's get started. This is Easter Egg Hunt with EXO.
As expected
My big derpy giant helps me. Thanks man!!
So you steal all of mine, then give me all of them back plus your own....I don't understand but I'm just gonna go with it.
You.little Troll.....
Thanks. I probably would've got lost by myself
Im okay with it.
Please Tag someone you think would like it. @ChelseaJay @PrincessUnicorn @ashleyemmert (Thanks for making it was a lot of fun) @sarabear1021 (Thanks for making it was a lot of fun)
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@Xiuyeolhyun we love making these!