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Happy birthday Yoochun!!! ----- The birthday celebration of JYJ group member Park Yuchun from around the world has became a hot topic. C-Jes Entertainment said, “Park Yuchun’s fans around the world are organizing a birthday party for him. From Korea to as far as South America, including the Korean food experience in Peru, there is a huge variety of contributions to celebrate his birthday.” Park Yuchun’s birthday parties in Korea, Japan, and China were the most significant. Over the weekend, more than 1,000 fans spontaneously gathered to celebrate Park Yuchun’s birthday in Seoul, Korea, Tokyo, Japan, and in case of China, parties were held in Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, and Guangzhou regions. Young and old, people of varying ages have attended the party. On the same day, Park Yuchun’s Baidu bar*, which exceeded 190,000 members, has put out a subway birthday ad in Hongik University station in Seoul’s subway line 2. Fans from Taiwan also donated to child care facilities. Official said, “Birthday party for Park Yuchun was also held in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries as well as in Europe and America. Park Yuchun’s birthday message had trended worldwide on twitter as well, proving his global popularity.” Park Yuchun has been on break after JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concerts and is currently considering his next activity.