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Hiya Vinglers! Today is Throwback Thursday and today let's show our love and appreciation to these lovely, strong women!

This story really has evolved from when Sailor Moon aired in 1992. Now we have Sailor Moon Crystal which was released in 2013.

I wanna hear your favorite guardians! Comment below! :)

To be honest I was obsessed with Usagi and Luna when I was younger! I had a plastic Sailor Moon Tea Set and my own wand haha :)

Also comment if you have seen Sailor Moon Crystal and how did you like it?

@AustinThurston oh cool I will have to check I out the manga for Sailor Moon @MetalMorgan hahah maybe idk since im a girl but ill take your word for it (: @littlemaryk man brothers a mean but you gotta love them Ig and yessss good choices @Alcides13 its good tho (: when you get the chance cx @MarvelTrashcan ahhh okay c: thanks for the heads up c: I really appreciate it X3
Of course! Afterall they are probably the reason I'm into Anime and video games hah :) @tbell2
@tbell2 If you say so! 😅
@tbell2 no problem <3
I did enjoy Sailor Moon Crystal (the animation is gorgeous), but I did feel like it cut out a lot of the story. I watch the first arc and I have been re-watching the original first arc and they cut out a bunch of the stuff about the relationships between the four Knights. And they cut out a lot with the relationship between the Sailor Scouts. I will say the storytelling is better in many ways and they did put out a good chunk of the cheesiness that was very evident in the original series, but I just felt like the original series had more depth. I still enjoyed it a lot though, but I would recommend watching or rewatching the original series first.
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