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The guy in your life caused that pimple on your chin.

No seriously. As weird as it sounds, lover boy brought on the acne -- but don't place all the blame on him because there's more. As often as we blame our breakouts on our hormones, PMS and eating the worst foods possible -- breakouts can actually be brought on by some rather random things.
Suffering from a recent breakout? Welcome to the club. Can't seem to figure out where it came from because you've been eating amazing and Aunt Flow isn't scheduled to return for another two weeks? Yeah, sounds about accurate. If you fall under any of the following categories, keep scrolling to see a handful of weird and random reasons why you might be breaking out.

Blasting The Air Conditioning

While the weather is warming up and it will soon be time to crank up the AC, don't turn it up too high. Too much air blowing on your face can dry out your skin which causes excess oil to accumulate and create unwanted breakouts.

The Love Of Your Life Plays A Part

If you're known for sharing pillows, towels or anything along those lines -- more than likely the mixture of facial oils ended up clogging your pores and that's where those pesky bumps appeared from. Sharing is caring, but think about the well being of your skin.

Yes, Even Water Can Break You Out

The water you're showering and washing your face with can play a huge role on the state of your skin. If the water in your area happens to be filled with chemicals and chlorine, get yourself a shower filter and kiss those breakouts goodbye.

Your Laundry Detergent Could Be The Problem

If your skin happens to be sensitive, your detergent could be causing you to breakout more than usual. Switch to a detergent that is gentle and fragrance free.

Your Face Wash Is Way Too Harsh

Although you opted for the deep cleanser, if the cleanser happens to be too harsh it can strip your skin of what's most important resulting in dryness and breakouts. Stick to gentle cleansers when it comes to taking care of the skin on your back.

Do you find yourself breaking out often?

It might just be because one of the above.
wow the water here is disgusting. so that actually might be apart if the problem. thanks
YES! for me though it's a combination of stress and hormones. So those external things having an influence are really interesting! makes me want to wash all my stuff again XD
All the time! But part of it has to do with medication I am taking. But I agree with this list, when I moved from NYC to PA, I dealt with hard water and that stuff real messes with your skin a lot.
I don't break out hardly. I just stay hydrated, don't wear tons if makeup, and follow my skin routine.
you are very welcome! @MyAffairWith
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