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Ask, and it will be given you. Christ was never troubled with the question, “How can God answer prayer?” He lived with God all the days and talked with Him as freely as a child ever talked with its parents. He assures us that God is willing to give us whatever we need. We have only to ask for it. Of course our asking must be sincere and must be earnest. If the thing we ask for does not come, we are to seek for it. If we cannot find it, we are to knock. We need never be afraid that God will mock us by giving us something else in place of what we ask. If we need bread, He will not give us a stone instead. That is the way this world answers many of our desires. Earthly fathers are kind to their children; will God be less kind? Our lives must be judged by their fruits, by the way we live, by our character and disposition. Christ does not care for our words of praise if we are not proving our love for Him by doing His will.