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LSG and Suzy kiss
The production crew of the MBC drama series The Goo Family Book revealed photos today in which Choi Gang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) is seen kissing Dam Yeo Wool (Suzy) passionately. Gang Chi and Yeo Wool acknowledge each other’s feelings when Gang Chi doesn’t turn into a beast without his bracelet if he is with Yeo Wool. Their love story starts with passionate kiss. The scene was shot on May 30 on location in Yongin. The actor and actress followed director Shin Wool Chul’s guidance in their acting. Shin demanded, “More seriously! Express your emotions!” explaining the emotional changes, the position of their hands, and so on. They tried the kiss several times as the scene was shot from various angles. Sometimes they burst out laughing. Producer Park Tae Young says, “They shared the first kiss after convincing each other of their true feelings. Please keep watching to see how the story develops.” ----------------------------------------------------- Omooo! *shocked* coz I don't watch this drama. Though, I can feel their passion and emotion towards each other in their drama/ :')
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yessss I want more :P
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super exited to see this scene, hope to have a lot more <3
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best kiss ever....
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Really beautiful kdrama.. Im watching that.. Its true its passionate kissing scene.. Sad for wol ryung.. The father... 😥
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@mheekell judging from this week's episodes there is a chance Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa will get together in the end? So I'm keeping my hope up! But yes his love story is just too sad :(
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