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Snapchat has taken over the world of social media.

It took me awhile to hop on the bandwagon, but once I did -- I was immediately hooked. One of the best features on snapchat happens to be their filters. You can go from being a puppy to looking like drag Wesley Snipes in Too Wong Foo: Thanks For Everything. Because who wouldn't want to live the life of a drag queen for ten seconds or less?
I knew it wouldn't be long before one of the internet's makeup gurus recreated this genius look. Beauty blogger and makeup guru, Mayra Isabel put her skills to the test and created a replica of the drag-a-licious snapchat filter -- and let me add, it's spot on. A few of the products she used consisted of glue and of course, concealer. If you're interested in seeing how this guru brought drag to life, keep scrolling and check out the tutorial below.

How amazing was her recreation?

What's your favorite snapchat filter?
@atmi snapchat is available for android as well.
@BluBear07 is right! @atmi snapchat is on android.
android has some pretty amazing apps as well though! :) @atmi
yeah, my daughters have IPhone and they show me this awesome apps. I like kinda jealous with them because I use android phone. lol 馃榿
@jordanhamilton yeah same here ^_^
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