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Hopped up out the bed and turned my swag on.

Okay, maybe not -- but it's always a good idea to reminisce on old Soulja Boy songs. I woke up super early this morning in hopes of catching an Uber to the bus station so I could head to my hometown to visit my family. I was anticipating the trip despite the extreme fatigue that overruled my entire body. I had picked my clothes out the night before because that's just the kind of girl I happen to be.
I may procrastinate when it comes to certain things, but getting dressed doesn't happen to be one of them. I knew I wanted to be comfortable, yet cute -- so I threw a few items together. The weather is beautiful, but as much as I wanted to wear shorts -- I knew it wasn't time just yet. I've never felt more comfortable than I do now. If you're interested in seeing what items I put together to create the comfortably cute outfit I wore during my travels, keep scrolling.

The Leather Jacket

We all know a leather jacket is essential. Although the weather has warmed up, it's still necessary to throw on some type of jacket and in my opinion, leather is always the nest option.

The Earth Tone Crew Neck

Because what's better to throw on with a pair of sweats than a loose fitting t-shirt. Always opt for the earthy tones. Kanye taught me.

The Black Joggers

You can literally never go wrong with a comfortable pair of joggers. They come in a plethora of colors, but I always opt for black because black literally goes with everything.

The Fly Sneaks

I could've thrown on a pair of pointed black toe boots to bring the entire look together, but my adidas sounded so much better. Sneakers and sweatpants just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

What's your go to traveling look?

Do you dress for looks or comfortability?
On the road today (as usual): Fitted black blazer, A-line black-and-white minidress with black leather-piping neckline (it's faux, H&M LOL), cowled oversized dusky coral scarf, and b/w Nike Airs (until I've landed for good). Honestly, any travel look can work if the hair and nails are right #pajamas #LOLOLOL
I love wearing jeggings these days with comfy tee and long sleve half jacket/blazer I have with either boots or flats depending on weather.
For both i would say! But i'll never go for a really beautiful dress if it's not comfy!
I like this a lot! My mom always made me dress nicer when we would fly (aka just no blue jeans or sweatpants) and its proven that you actually are more likely to get an upgrade it you do so! Also, I feel like traveling makes you feel grubby and nasty but if you look cute, who cares?! :D
This is adorable! I'm always there for a leather jacket! I'd switch out the joggers for leggings, more comfortable for me! But I love the minimalistic look that the military T gives the look Perfect. You have such great style! @JordanHamilton
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