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Travel in Japan for 2 weeks, with 1.5 TB of memory card, this is a beautiful 3 minutes shortage of their travels in Japan. The food, the people, the countryside, just lovely !
Awww, what a great video! I loved it, Tap. Good stuff. Japanese culture has been on that I've studied for a long time and it's truly fascinating. Of course, most cultures are fascinating.
You been to Iraq? that is coool !!! I did been to Germany for a year as well :) And few more countries in Europe :) then Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, THai, and Korea :)
Well if we are just talking countries then. Germany, US, Philippines of course, and Iraq not too many countries yet.
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll so which places have you travelled to already? When I was a kid, I really love Japanese culture, however this interested in Japanese culture went off when I grow up. :( But yeah, the food is still always in my heard :P
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