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Hi Everyone,
A couple people have been checking in on me concerning my cosmetic surgery. I thought it would be a good time to give you some updated photos and a run-down of everything.
If you have questions or comments--feel free to leave them or ask.


* Went to 4 consultations (before deciding on my surgeon)
* Dr. Lamperti performed everything
* Rhinoplasty, Chin implant, Fillers (Restylane for eyes and Radiesse for back jaw)
* Cost was just under $16,000 (for everything, including operating room and anesthesiologist
* About 4 hours of surgery
* Pain was never more than a 4 (scale 1-10)
* No complications
* Puffiness, yes. Bruising, no
* Slept first 24 hours--knocked out
* Day 2 was already out and about
* Day 3 I went to the movie theater
* Returned to the gym by day 12 (no cardio!)

Pros & Cons:

* New face
* Emotional bliss
* Cost
* What-ifs
* Recovery (rhinoplasty can take up to a year!!!!)

How I ultimately decided:

Honestly, I just didn't have time for the what-ifs. I was confident in my surgeries, in my doctor and in the financial decision. There was no second-guessing. I wasn't nervous or scared about really anything. I made the decision and I owned it.
If you're not 100% CONFIDENT in anything, then you should really hold off. I made sure that I was confident in all of the details. I wanted to make sure that I came out of this experience without any regrets--regardless of what happened.
My recovery has been amazing! The numbness and tightness in my chin is completely gone. I have feeling and the tightness has subsided. The incision is tender, but not at all painful. I can shave just fine. My nose was completely numb for a while. the past couple weeks my nose has been itchy. But because there's no "feeling" it's a bit awkward and strange. I have noticed that the numbness is going away. It's an odd feeling that you quickly forget about.

What's next:

I have a few more consultations scheduled to address my eyes. Looking at upper and lower blepharoplasty to removed excess skin, which creates hooded eyes.
I am also looking at having my forehead lowered and looking at my cheek options. There's a variety of things we can do, such as fillers and implants.
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@marshalledgar 馃槻 ok that description was enuf to make me shiver! But that is exactly why you have to go into this decision fully informed. Cuz at the end of the day it you that lives with you. I was terrified when I got my nose and cartilage piereced. I found I made it up in my head more cuz it was nothing but as silly as it sounds I did research on it and even though you come across horror stories that are rare anyway but did freak me out in the end I wanted it and was willing to take the risk. I know that pales in comparison to surgery but was that basically what it came down to for you?
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Yeah, kinda. @2distracted I wouldn't call it courage on my part. I sort of just told myself that this was going to be an epic awesome experience.
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@marshalledgar I know alot of people would disagree with me on this but I really don't consider what you did vanity. there is such a negative self centered connection to that word. In all honesty I personally feel it would be considered vanity if you are ignorant going into it and impulsively do this. You did your homework and considered all aspects. That level of research says this was for far more important reasons to you other than you looking awesome 馃槅 which led to no regrets increased self confidence and a great example on how to go into this!!! I love what you called it enhancement surgery! I've always told my daughter makeup doesn't make you beautiful it enhances your beauty you already have !!!!
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@marshalledgar Sorry for the digging on the thot process that's my introvert coming out cuz I've never talked to anyone that's done this and I've always wondered about it! Thanks for info!
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sorry im just seeing your comments @2distracted. thank you for being so open about talking about cosmetic surgery. I see what you mean about the vanity part. I think if we're all honest, we'd admit that there are parts of out bodies that we'd luv to change. Im blessed that I am in a spot where I can actually make those changes. not everyone has that freedom or liberty. some people would be ostracized from their families for going under. So I don't take any of this for granted. Im hoping that my journey will serve to help others who are curious and interested in getting plastic surgery. 馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿
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