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It's been nearly one year since you last went on a date.

So what! You're so much more than a date. You're so much more than a few hours sitting at a table exchanging awkward conversation with a total stranger that could possibly become more. Who cares if he didn't call you back for a second date? Who cares if he let you pay and you never heard from him after you both bid adieu. The last person who should be caring is you and you know why? Because you're so much more than a date.
Dating is meant to be fun and exciting, don't stress over it. If something is meant to be, know deep down in your heart that it will always be. While it may sound easier said than done, you're so much more than dinner reservations or a receipt where the total came up to more than your body weight. If you're tired of stressing about dating and constantly waiting, keep scrolling to check out a list of things remotely better than dating that will allow you to relax your mind.

Ordering Those Shoes You've Been Eyeing For Months

Okay, so maybe they do cost an arm and a leg, but you're deserving. Treat yourself.

Hiking That Mountain You've Always Wanted To Hike

No mountain is too high for you to reach. Lace up your shoes, create an amazing playlist and head out on a journey you will remember forever.

Eating A Pint Of Ice-Cream All By Yourself

It's okay to indulge every now and then. How can you possibly feel bad when it taste so good? Just don't let it become a weekly habit.

Loving Yourself Simply For Being Yourself

Who else can love you more or better than you love yourself? Absolutely no one. Self-love is the best form of love. Find yourself some before it's too late. Oops, it's never too late.

Planning A Girls Night In With Your Faves

There's nothing quite like a girls night out, but what about a girls night in? Sometimes it's best to stay indoors and appreciate each others company. Make a list of your favorite movies, play a few games, eat some delicious food and enjoy yourselves. There's nobody like your girls.

Happy Women's History Month Ladies!

What would you consider better than going on a date?
Hiking a mountain!! I love that one! Better than a date: a ME date. i love going to movies all by myself or treating myself to dinner!
netflix and food just go hand in hand :) @MyAffairWith
You know what would be a great idea besides a date, nice food and watching a great show on Netflix and Hulu ^_^
Loving myself simply for being myself
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